Mirrorskin-Darklings who hide in plain sight from the eyes of humankind. Their bones are malleable, their faces like flowing quicksilver. Their blessing is The Mercurial Visage-she can change the cast of her features to resemble, if not completely mimic, anyone he has met. The player may do this at will, gaining a +3 dice bonus to Wits+Subterfuge disguise attempts. This bonus applies to both mien and mask. (CtL pg. 106)


When Duplika was a child her life was quiet and peaceful. Her family ran the local theater, the House of Imitate, where she and her younger sister worked and performed. Although her entire family was talented she drew the attention of one of the gentry because of her extraordinary talent of fulfilling any role. He slowly romanced her through the thorns promising her his affection and the role of a lifetime. Once in Arcadia she became his favorite plaything. He forced her and her fellow changelings to perform a play of his choosing everyday. In time he realized that she could indeed fulfill any role he placed her in. Her talent was that great and to finish the illusion he would alter her appearance in order to fit her role. In time both she and her keeper forgot what she truly looked like. After awhile he realized he could change her appearance at will-not just to fit a role in a play. She then became his plaything in another sense. Time passed and her newness gradually wore off and her keeper began to look for another new talent to pass his time with. Left alone and forgotten she began to dream of her family and home. She eventually gathered the courage to leave and return back to her home. When she returned she realized that her world would never be the same. After her disappearance her family put all of their effort in to finding her; so much so that the theater was permanently closed. Without any clues as to where she had gone the family moved away in the hopes of restarting some semblance of a normal life. Although Duplika has no way of rejoining her family she does follow her sister’s acting career with a passion. So much so that she has seen her perform on numerous occasions. Her greatest fear is that her old keeper will become attracted to her. Upon her return to the human world she felt alone and lost and she knew she had no way to return to her past life. Although years had passed here she still had the body of a teenager. She no longer had the same face she had as a child. In order to feel some connection to her family she changed her appearance to match that of her mother as a teen. The local freehold found her and helped her regain an identity for the human world. In time she saved up enough money to buy the old run down theater that she has now reopened with a new purpose. She allows newly escaped changelings to work at the theater in return for a safe place to stay while they find a place in this world. The House of Imitate is a favorite hangout place of changelings.


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