Eclpise Young


Wizened-Oracle-Panomancy-Oracles can once per chapter, tell fortunes using any method they want-tarot cards or anything else. The effect works the same as the common sense merit.

Fairest-Telluric-Music of the Spears-Tellurics have an absolute knowledge of exactly what ime it is locally. They can count down ticking seconds as accurately as a stopwatch, giving them a +3 bonus to any actions that might require precise timing. They also gain the free specialties of astronomy and astrology to academics and occult


Eclipse had always lived on the wrong side of town….she knew no other way of life than dodging bullets and staying hidden. She had no secret dreams other than to stay alive long enough to get the hell out of town. School was a little safer than running the streets, but only a little, and so she went on a regular basis. Her teachers could tell she was smart but that she didn’t apply herself. When asked why she replied “why bother? This place will steal my soul and kill me before I graduate high school. Why waste my time?” If only she knew how correct she was.

In high school she became friends with Rhiannon and Eclipse’s world changed. Rhiannon became her first and best friend and the girls were as close as sisters. Rhiannon and her parents were deeply involved in the occult and all other manner of mystical powers, including tarot cards. Although Eclipse didn’t digest most of their teachings she did become obsessed with the tarot. She figured that if she could understand the secrets of the cards she could keep Rhiannon and herself safe by foreseeing danger. She was a natural at reading the cards and quickly learned to give highly accurate readings for both herself and her friends. One day she gave a reading to Rhiannon and the cards revealed that her friend would soon be going on a long trip. Since both of them knew it wasn’t true they assumed the cards didn’t want to share their secrets and simply put the deck away. That night Rhiannon went to the park on the edge of town and was never seen again. Eclipse was often drawn to this spot…in the hopes of finding a way to get closer to Rhiannon.

Meanwhile, The Time Lord was currently looking for the perfect person to finish his collection of planets. He knew rebellion was brewing in his domain, the question was when it would strike. He needed to know so that he could avoid it. If his changelings did as they planned The Pentad would banish him from Arcadia and that would be unacceptable. He decided to find a way to foresee the future and thus, save himself from exile. His first thought was of human astrology, using the planets to divine the future. Although it seemed primitive to him he reasoned that if simple humans could glimpse the future using the planets as guides than surely he could too. He quickly began abducting humans to represent the planets so that he could study them and their movements. Soon he only needed one more person, one more planet, and then he would know what his fate would be.

She was standing right outside the gateway leading to the mortal realm. It was as if she was waiting for him. He stared at her in disbelief of his good fortune, for he could literally see the psychic energy pouring off of her. He thought she would be his final planet and he would finally know when the dreaded rebellion would take place. The Time Lord grabbed his prize and returned to his Arcadian domain where he molded her to be the perfect planet Pluto.

Eclipse isn’t sure what happened to her in Arcadia and most likely will never be. She slowly changed in order to better represent Pluto. Her skin turned a dark purple color because The Lord assumed the models of the planet he had stolen from local schools were correct. Her eyes became obscured by a thin layer of ice but she retained the ability to see. When the layer of ice first began to obscure her eyes she feared she would never be able to see her beloved tarot cards again. In many ways her deck of cards was the only thing tying her to the mortal world. Her back has a layer of ice in the shape of the sign for Pluto and on her left hand is another layer of ice in the shape of the sign of Scorpio, the astrological sign ruled by her planet. She and her fellow planet changelings were suspended in a room full of stars so that the Lord could better study their movements. They were trapped with no way to escape unless the Lord let them down and that wouldn’t happen as long as he thought they may be of use to him. While she dangled in the inky darkness she slowly began to see and comprehend the movements of the other “planets” and their meaning. Eclipse became better able than the Time Lord to read how future events would play out.

Eclipse now considers the year 2006 a lucky year for herself. It was then when the scientific community decided that Pluto was no longer a planet. Upon hearing this the Time Lord decided that Pluto had been a waste of time and in a fit of rage threw Eclipse to the floor. Fearing his wrath and rage even more she remained on the starry floor where she had landed until she realized that to the Time Lord she didn’t exist any more. Slowly she inched her way out of her prison and ran through the sharp thorns of the hedge. She felt guilty about leaving behind the other changelings but she had foreseen the future. Eclipse knew that the rebellion would happen soon and that the others would escape. The Time Lord would perish. Her memories of her beloved tarot cards and her friend Rhiannon led her back through the hedge to the park where she had been taken.

Eclipse was finally home and yet, she wasn’t. In the time she had been gone the bad neighborhood she considered home had been cleaned up. The violence and drugs seemed to have disappeared and a police station stood just feet from the park. Her mother also seemed to have disappeared; their apartment now housed other people whom had never heard of her. She wandered for awhile. Occasionally the bedraggled teen was given some money from good Samaritans or told the address of a nice shelter for her to stay at; but mostly she walked. Weeks after her initial escape from the hedge she found herself in front of a small occult shop. Upon entering she noticed the storekeeper was nowhere to be found. Although she had no money she left the shop with a deck of tarot cards hidden in the pocket of the coat she had found earlier that day. Eventually she was found by another changeling whom took her to the local freehold.

Eclipse is now deeply rooted in the autumn court and is considered to be everyone’s next choice for queen. Even so, she frequently returns to the park hoping to find some clue to Rhiannon’s disappearance. Had her childhood friend been taken by a mad man like the police reports claimed or was she taken by something much more sinister? If one of the Others had taken her had she found her way home or is she still trapped in Arcadia? Mainly Eclipse wonders if there is any way to find out for sure.

Eclpise Young

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