Jeremiah Frost


Jeremiah Frost hates the crown with a passion that goes completely against his winter court. His life had always been rough but he had finally turned his life around. He had married the love of his life, Courtney, and was on his way home from work when he was taken. He has yet to openly discuss his durance so the freehold can only speculate on what turned his so cold and frigid. Upon returning to the world he was quickly introduced to the freehold and should’ve been ready to move on with his life. He could not forget what helped him come back though, his love of Courtney had sustained him during his torture and now it pained him. In time he decided to try to find her even though he had been warned that most likely she had move on in his absence or that something called a fetch would’ve taken his place. These thoughts pained him but he wanted to know she was happy so he searched for her and what he found pained him more than he had ever imagined.

On the night Jeremiah had been taken a fetch did return to Courtney. She shared the news that she was pregnant with him and then there lives should’ve continued happily, but it didn’t. Since Courtney and Jeremiah had been life long friends she quickly realized that her husband was not himself. Everyone she talked to though put if off as hormones from the pregnancy but it persisted…In time she stopped mentioning it to people and eventually went to therapy hoping something would help her but no matter how long she was with him, or how many prescriptions she took she always knew it wasn’t Jeremiah. One night when their daughter was five years old Jeremiah attempted to be intimate and Courtney snapped. In a fit of rage at the thought of being defiled by an imposter she killed him and has been institutionalized since.

Upon reading this Jeremiah put what limited resources he had into finding where his wife was and in trying to find his daughter. They were both found quite easily; the decision of what to do next was much harder. After much contemplation he decided that he wanted, no needed, to see Courtney one last time. She had realized he was missing when no one else had….maybe she would also be the only one to see that he was back. A hopeless, foolish dream but a dream nonetheless. After much planning he went to visit her. He brought her tiger lilies, her favorite flowers, and walked through the door to her room. He had thought he was prepared for anything, but he was so very wrong. She ran to him with recognition in her eyes and kissed him. They talked all day and every day that he could come to visit her. He told her everything about being taken and coming back. He didn’t care if he broke rules by sharing the truth with her; he had vowed not to lie or hide anything about what he was to her,

Every night when Jeremiah had to leave his heart broke but there was no way for them to stay together. She was a criminal and no one would ever believe that her actions were justified. With the help of others in the freehold they decided to help her escape; although she would always be searched for it would give them a chance at being together. He told her that he would come for her the following night and that they would begin there happily ever after then. Unfortunately fate had other plans. The day of there escape was the first day of winter rule and the crown came to him. He could not hide it, nor shake it from himself. He could not get away from the others they followed him every where and thus the night passed by torturously slow. At morning light he finally escaped the clamor and went to his love. He expected her to yell to be upset and instead upon entering her room there was erie silence. When Courtney had realized Jeremiah wasn’t coming she assumed the only thing that could keep him from her was death and thus, she penned a note saying that she would be joining her husband and hung herself.

Jeremiah’s heart broke that night. He would’ve gladly joined her in the afterlife but every time he’s tried to the crown gets heavy and stops him. After the initial shock and anger wore off he threw himself into doing what he could for New Haven.

Jeremiah Frost

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