Waterborn-Changelings that are imbued with the nature of the waters, soft and brutal, gentle and mighty. Their blessing it The Gift of Water-the player can spend one point of Glamour to allow the changeling to breathe underwater and swim at a terrific rate (equal to twice the chara’s Speed rating) for the rest of the scene. The catch is that the changeling cannot breathe air until the power wears off or until her spends another Glamour point to cancel the blessing. The Changeling has to hold his breath if he sticks his head out of the water. If he is made to leave the water before the scene is over, he begins to drown, automatically taking one point of lethal damage each turn until he is returned to the water or dies. (CtL pg.110)


Marina’s came from a poor coastal family. Her father was a fisherman who worked hard to support his family; but there were many times there just wasn’t enough money. At a young age Marina began to gather colorful shells to sell to the tourists that often visited their small community. She always felt at one with the water and to her it seemed the ocean offered it’s beautiful treasures to her. As a teen she began to offer swimming classes to the local children in order to help support her family. She joking used to say that she would eventually become part of the water. A gentry saw her swimming gracefully in the water and decided that she should be part of her garden. She took her beautiful peaceful garden in order to help decorate it. Marina was left in the waterways that circled around the garden. She did nothing but swim and swim until one day she did in fact become part of the water. She most likely would have remained a part of the water except that the gentry did something profound-she brought in another changeling AdonisBy the time Adonis entered the garden Marina was already completely a water elemental and Adonis had all but forgotten he could move. After Adonis was placed in the fountain Marina slowly slid down the length of his body. By doing this her humanity was awoken and the memories of her past came rushing back to her. She remembered her first sexual experience, her first love, her first kiss, the smell of the ocean, her childhood. She knew she had to regain control of her body and get herself and the statue man out of the hell they were in. With her newly found awareness she tried to find other changelings as she made her way around the garden as part of the water. The only one she found was (Golem)-whom the gentry had taken in order to do work around her precious garden. He dug the stream Marina later swam in, he built walls and walkways-anything that she thought of. When Marina approached him with her thoughts of escape he had all but lost hope-he had been alone for so long. He vowed to help her and her friend Adonis escape the garden as long as he could come too. Since Golem knew the garden so well he knew where the gentry would enter the garden after her trips to the mortal world. After she left for a trip in the mortal world they all went through the thorns together. Golem helped to carry Adonis since he was weak from not moving for so long. Golem would’ve been lost for his memories of his family were weak and hazy from being gone for so long. The two men followed Marina through the treacherous thorns. They emerged together near the ocean but the world had changed to the point that they barely recognized it. They have integrated themselves into the local freehold but they have remained courtless. They all wanted to go home but after investigating realized they could not-too much time had passed. The three of them then decided to become each others family and have since become a motley of three.

It is interesting to note that Marina is infatuated with Adonis-to the point of being somewhat of a nuisance to him. His flawless beauty attracts many women; both changeling and not. She considers him the reason her human thoughts returned and thus, is the reason that they were able to escape. That and she ran down his body for years-she knows it as well as she knows her own body. Adonis considers her to be a friend only


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