Tinkerbell’s true form is unknown but she generally takes the form of the petite, blond that we have all come to know and love. She is also known to take the form of a will o’ wisp.


In the beginning she started luring anyone she could to her piece of Arcadia known to her and everyone else as Neverland. She started with Indians and then moved on to actual pirates but there were problems with both of these. The Indians believed they were in spiritual heaven and settled into their new lives rather well and quickly. The pirates were adults and never quite forgot their past lives and so they continually tried to find their way home. Neither the Indians nor the pirates were much fun for her to play with. One night while wandering the mortal world, she heard a little boy wish on a falling star that he would never have to grow up. She came to him and told him that if he left with her that he would be a carefree boy forever. He gladly agreed.

Peter Pan followed her to Neverland where he spent his days playing carefree. He played with the Indians and the pirates and even the few mermaids that lived in the lagoon. After much time he began to wonder if his parents missed him. He figured that they must, after all he was their only child. Peter decided to sneak off to see if his parents did indeed miss him. Tinkerbell knew of his desire and flew ahead of him. When she got to what used to be Peter’s room she locked the window and waited for him to arrive. When he got there he found the window locked and another boy sleeping in his bed. He believed that his parents did not miss him. Tinkerbell came to him then and told the boy that she loved him and that he was more than welcome to return to Neverland with her-and so he did.

After much time had passed Peter came to Tink and expressed the fact that he was lonely-he wanted there to be more children in Neverland. Not wanting him to be displeased she began to lure more children to her home. The The Lost Boys as they became known sensed that Peter was the leader and so, they listened to anything that he said.

A side affect of living in Neverland was that the boys slowly forgot about their mortal lives-but that was changed with a fatal flaw. On one occasion Tinkerbell brought a girl child to Neverland in the hopes that she would become a mother figure to the boys-not to mention she wanted to bring the girls’ brothers home to Peter. Unfortunately, this did not happen. Wendys’ will was strong and she refused to forget her mortal life. She reminded the boys of their mothers and sought to bring them all home with her. Peter would never leave Neverland but the Lost Boys were tempted. Luckily, the pirates decided to capture Wendy and the boys before they left Neverland. Peter saved them and it was decided that Wendy and her brothers would go home. The Lost Boys decided to stay with Peter-they were not ready to grow up.

Many years later Captain Hook wished to tempt the boys into leaving Neverland and so they attempted to capture Wendy. Unfortunately, many years had passed in the mortal world and so, they ended up taking her daughter Jane. Peter saved her from the pirates and with time she too went home.

Years later the Lost Boys decided that they were in fact ready to grow up. Tinkerbell decided that she would let them leave if they wanted to and so she did. Peter has become one with Neverland and Tinkerbell and thus, did not want to leave. She convinced him to go with them and lure more children for them to play with. Since none of the boys have any memories of their mortal lives they would’ve been lost forever in the thorns but she lead them as a will o’wisp back to the human world. Tinkerbell feels lost without Peter; on some level she does really love and care for him. She cannot wait for him to return to her but she does realize that he must tread carefully otherwise it will be revealed that he is trying to bring children to Neverland. Although she knows the danger to him she cannot keep herself from visiting him at night.


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