House of Imitate

The House of Imitate was a small theater that was run by Duplika’s parents in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. The theater often put on plays and musical shows that were performed by their daughters. Duplika’s natural ability was for acting and she could magically fulfill any role she was placed in. This eventually led to her being taken by her keeper but that is another story. Her sister was quickly catching up to her in the talent department though and thus the family knew their way of life would continue. The theater never reached national recognition but it had a regular following and made quite a bit of money.

After the disappearance of Duplika her parents stopped at nothing to try to find her. They posted national ads and even commercials in the hopes that whoever took her would return her unharmed to her parents. Unfortunately her keeper didn’t watch television. They postponed there next show, and then the next and slowly the small theater was forgotten by its fans. After years of looking for their daughter with no new clues to her whereabouts the family decided to move away in the hopes of moving on with their lives.

When Duplika returned home she discovered the theater in shambles; it hadn’t been used for years. After regaining an identity and working hard she eventually bought the property. She slowly refurbished the property and added a few extra rooms to the back of the theater. She officially reopened the property for business on her new legal birthday.

Generally newly escaped changelings that find their way to the freehold spend about two to three weeks at the House of Imitate. There they are given some time to adjust and relax; while getting their new identities given to them and discovering what happened to their old ones. After the initial period they are allowed to stay longer (unless their room is needed) in return for working in the theater. Many changelings in the area work at the theater-either running it or performing shows. They are expected to save their wages so that they can move into their own place as soon as possible.

House of Imitate

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